Not long ago, I reviewed the Mi Airdots which were just Meh! The Chinese assistant was annoying, touch controls were highly misplaced and to top that, random disconnection of the earbuds from each other. So now, we have the Redmi Airdots launched which looks quite similar to the previous ones. Even the hardware is exactly the same. Why Xiaomi? Turns out things are quite different from what it meets the eye. So, here is my full review of Redmi Airdots after a couple of weeks of usage.

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And, we will also see how different this is from the original Mi Airdots. Before we get into this review, I would like to move the specs out of the way. So, below is the spec list, have a quick look.

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The box sort of looked like it came from a new brand. All the Xiaomi Products I have opened until now have a minimal look to them. But, this was quite an exception. Coming from the Mi Airdots, there is nothing new to talk about the build quality. The charging case is the same and so are the earbuds with a major color shift to make them dark. The case has the same old matte-finish dental-floss design.

redmi airdots verification

On the inside, the rubber finish has been replaced by a plastic coating. Things change when it comes to the actual earbuds and this change is for the good. The touch-sensitive back is replaced by actual buttons.

The touch-sensitive back of the Mi Airdots was bizarre and potentially a deal-breaker for many. Apart from that, the size and dimensions of the buds are the same.Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is working on a new pair of Redmi AirDots. These were recently spotted on the Bluetooth certification website. Also Read - Redmi Band India launch expected soon; gets spotted online. Though officially spotted, the listing reveals no new information on the design or specifications of the new Redmi AirDots 2.

These earbuds will rely on Bluetooth 5.

How to check Redmi AirDots battery life

Besides this, another product called the Redmi SonicBass earphones were also certified. It will also connect via Bluetooth 5.

The Redmi AirDots 2 could feature improved battery life over its predecessor. It could also feature a better design along with the usual perks like touch gestures and voice-assistant support.

redmi airdots verification

The older Redmi AirDots weighs only 41 grams that makes it comfortable to wear for long hours. Once paired with a smartphone through Bluetooth, the AirDots can allow users to listen to continuous music for up to 12 hours. It comes with a charging box case that can last for up to 12 hours.

Xiaomi Mi AirDots wireless Bluetooth earphones user instruction

Once removed from the case, the Redmi AirDots immediately connects to the paired smartphone. True wireless earphones have been the latest trend and train that every brand wants to jump on. We now have true wireless earbuds from every major brand besides OnePlus, which has chosen to stick with its classic neckband design. The brand recently revealed that will soon launch a pair of truly wireless earbuds in India. We saw the Poco X2 being crafted out of the Redmi K We could maybe see the same happen with the Redmi AirDots 2.

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Saya beli 10 earphone TWS murah dan milih yang paling RECOMMENDED!

Inbase Urban Fit smartwatch review. OnePlus 7T long-term Review. Apple iPhone SE launched with 4.Hi MIUI-ers! In this thread I would like to share solution and problem that I encounter yesterday for the Redmi Airdots.

I'm sure there is some user who unable to connect both L and R side earbuds even though already connect the R side first. This is mainly because of the earbuds wrongly connected and cause a mess up whenever want to reconnect between phone and the Redmi Airdots.

redmi airdots verification

Here are the steps to reset your Redmi Airdots in case you encounter the connection issue. Take out both earbuds from the charging box and turn it off long press of the both's button until it appear red light and let go 2. Long press the both button in the same time until you see red white light blinked twice. For the second red white light it will be blinked after few second of long press. After blinked twice you can let go of the long press.

Now put the both earbuds back to the charger box. In your phone, go to bluetooth paired list and remove the paired devices Redmi Airdots R and also Redmi Airdots L if you had paired L side before 5. Take out the both earbuds and connect again with your phone.

Many of you who just bought the Redmi Airdots ask why cannot connect both side. Here is 2 main reason. User connect the Redmi Airdots L first. Messed up connection which need a manual reset like 5 step above. If manual reset still cannot solve the problem, then there is faulty on the Redmi Airdots itself. Send it to the local supplier on where you bought it for fix.

If you want to connect both side of earbuds, you must connect Redmi Airdots R first. If you have any question, feel free to reply in this thread. Thank you. Reserved post. Helpful Thread! Thanks for sharing with us! Informative thread for us.

It worked! Thanks a lot!

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Much help me fix this thread thz so much. Hi, I did the same steps to do a hard reset. However, the left earbud seems not functioning which I just purchased less than a month The left earbud is not able to pair up or to reset. When put in the charging box, the red light indicator did appear, but when taken out to do a hard reset, there is no reaction to it. Please kindly help.

Xiaomi AirDots Pro vs Redmi AirDots: Which Cheap Truly Wireless Earbuds Should You Buy?

Well reserved the post. Thank u team poster. I have problem with my mi true wireless earbuds basic. The R side is not responsive whether i press the button for a long time. How can I solve this problem? Throw Back with Mi New Home.Buy from GearBest. Good battery life Tuning privileges upper midrange and can be fatiguing. Low quality of microphone Rating: 6. The packaging of the Xiaomi Redmi AirDots is overly simple and so are the accessories: there are just a very short micro-USB cable and two silicone eartips.

This design proves effective as it makes the earphones small and good-looking, with the shell made of plastic and the faceplate which also acts as the only button.

Near the nozzle are two metallic pins that are used to charge the earpieces. There is alas no way one can know how much charge is left unless they check it on the phone. As usual, take into account the fact that comfort is extremely subjective. Isolation is decentbut not much more than that. The earphones offer some reduction in the volume of noises, but one still has to raise the volume a bit to be able to listen to music without too much interference.

Xiaomi fitted the Redmi AirDots with Bluetooth 5. This limits the overall audio quality, though admittedly these are not meant to reproduce music at the best possible quality.

I was quite surprised by the very good range of the AirDots. They were able to keep the connection alive and kicking! Each earpiece can be paired individuallythough only by pairing the right one will both connect to the same source. Alas it is not possible to adjust the volume from the earphoneswhich is quite inconvenient given how even the lowest volume setting is often too high. The microphone also does a poor job at capturing the voice as it often sounds too distant and metallic.

Battery life is very good for the size and reaches the 4 hours mark frequently. The case has a mAh battery that should provide two additional charges to the earpieces, for a total of 12 hours of battery life. The real-life result is really close to the one advertised by Xiaomi, which is a bit of a miracle in and of itself. Soundstage is limited in width and has no depth at allwhich leads to the AirDots sounding very intimate. Instrument separation, too, is limited.

Bass has unexpectedly good extension as it reaches 50 Hz, but the volume at that point is so low one has to concentrate to hear the notes in the mix. Sounds at frequencies lower than 80 Hz are more felt than heard clearly. This leaves the sound without a foundation to lay upon and the result is that the signature lacks body and depth.Available for Most Products! The Xiaomi company presented its most affordable wireless headphones called Redmi AirDots.

This is a slightly simplified version of the previously released headset Xiaomi AirDots Youth Editionwhich is almost identical in basic characteristics.

The Redmi AirDots belong to the intra-channel type, so they come with interchangeable silicone nozzles of different sizes. To the smartphone headphones are connected via Bluetooth 5. Inside there are 7. Each earpiece has a size of In terms of autonomy it is declared up to four hours of operation on a single charge and up to 12 hours of power supply from a case equipped with a battery of mAh.

Also, there is a system of power saving, which switches off the headphones when there is no connection to the smartphone for 5 minutes. The connection speed and anti-interference ability are stronger. The price of less than one hundred yuan is worth in the same kind of products. It is worth mentioning that Redmi AirDots realizes the double-talk function and high-speed DSP digital noise reduction, which can maintain high-quality call even in the downtown area.

After the call is measured, when the headphones are attached, the surrounding noise can be clearly isolated, which makes the voice of the call in the headset clearer.

Redmi AirDots differs from the previously mentioned analogue in that it has a physical button instead of touch zones on the outer surface. You can switch the track by pressing once, and activate the voice assistant twice.

Great value for money. Overall, Redmi AirDots Bluetooth headset is relatively simple to operate. For the first time, just click on the name of Redmi AirDots in the Bluetooth of the mobile phone to pair it. After using it again, no extra operation is required. Pick up the headset and automatically turn it back on. The start of sales in China will take place on April 9, after which the headphones can also be waited on international online platforms.

Good earbuds for the money,comfy fit and stay in ear design,the only thing that I would suggest is that this product would benefit from and increased volume output and a volume control.

Redmi AirDots. Brand: Xiaomi Category: Audio. Redmi AirDots - Video. COM Bangood. Show Less. Mini body design Ultralight, feel nothing when wearing Ergonomic in-ear design, hard to fall out IPX4 waterproof, enjoy sports as much as you like One-button multi-operation function Magnetic pogo pin charging, safe and convenient MEMS silicone microphone, strong stability, and great noise reduction bring you a clear conversation 7. Our Rating The overall rating is based on review by our experts.

Post a Review Please not that each user review reflects the opinion of it's respectful author. As the new coronavirus COVID pandemic sweeps the globe, micromobility companies face tough choices to balance operational targets with the threats of a growing Xiaomi launched 70mai A1 and A1 Pro low-cost electric scooter.

It is a service-oriented website integrating products review, shopping guide, Deal and coupons. Our current online shopping malls are well-known online malls in China, and have accumulated many years of word-of-mouth to ensure that consumers buy affordable, high-quality products. About Us Privacy Policy Advertise.Since Xiaomi smartphones are cost-effective, more people around the world like Xiaomi and willing to be a Mi fans.

Because Xiaomi just sells part of their products on the international website or some desired Xiaomi devices are out of stock on the official site, people living outside of China purchase Xiaomi devices from some marketing websites like GearbestAmazon, eBay, etc.

Therefore, some Xiaomi users may have problems on how to check the Xiaomi devices are original or fake. It is difficult to distinguish fake Xiaomi device from its appearance and configurations, so here are 3 reliable verification methods for Xiaomi users:. Product Authentication is an official verification website for Xiaomi product, so it's reliable for you to verify your Xiaomi device.

In this website, you can check in 2 ways:. This way is suitable for any Xiaomi product, like Mi tabletBluetooth earphoneelectric shaverelectric toothbrush and so on. The security code is located at the back of Xiaomi product's package box. Here we use a Xiaomi Mi power bank 2 as an example: scratch off the coating to obtain the digit security code of the Mi power bank 2. Then enter the digit security code to check if the power bank is real or not. For example, I purchased my Xiaomi 5S smartphone from Xiaomi official website, but there has not a security code on the box.

Mi Verification app and MIUI version are two useful methods for checking whether your Xiaomi smartphone is real or fake.

Here are some verify tips for you reference. First of all, download the Mi Verification app on your Xiaomi smartphone from the app store. Open Performance Mode on your phone according to the instructions. Scan QR code on jd. Finally, view the result on the webpage instead of the app. The identification result only displayed on the webpage.

If the result displayed on the verification app, the Xiaomi smartphone is fake. If you Mi device was pre-installed with tampered ROM. You can clearly see that the MIUI version is odd and they cannot be found in the download page. Some Mi fans reported that they have not received any single MIUI update, ROM full with virus and spyware, apps get downloaded automatically and overlay advertisement.

If that's the case you might have tampered ROM installed in your device. The MIIT Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is a Chinese agency responsible for internet, telecommunications, broadcasting, computer, phone and other electronic devices.

If you know some Chinese just follow the steps below if you don't know Chineseyou can verify your smartphone purchased from China at this website.

Before checking your device, you should find the network access certificate of your device. Generally, the network access certificate is posted on the back of Xiaomi smartphone. Then it appears the device's model automatically, which is the same as the model on network access certificate. Enter the scrambling and IMEI number and click confirm button. Finally, the result displayed in red words as shown below. Above are the verification methods and their processes, hope they will help you.

X96 X96Q Android If you did not purchase Xiaomi devices from Xiaomi official website and want to check if your Xiaomi smartphones or other Xiaomi devices are fake or original, continue to reading this helpful Xiaomi verification guide, it will solve your problems! It is difficult to distinguish fake Xiaomi device from its appearance and configurations, so here are 3 reliable verification methods for Xiaomi users: Verify your Xiaomi smart device on Product Authentication.

In this website, you can check in 2 ways: 1. Use the digit security code to check any Xiaomi product.After that, only the right earphone will blink — this means that the Xiaomi Mi AirDots are available for pairing with your device.

Thus the device is connected to the right earphone and that already connects the left.

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The method of connection is similar, but we hold the touchpad of one necessary earphone. To disconnect and reset the Xiaomi Mi AirDots, hold the touch pad for a few seconds until the red lights are illuminated.

If you remove the earphone from the ear while using it, the playback does not stop as in AirPods. They are switched off only when they are in the case and are connected back to the device when not in the Briefcase. If you remove only the left earphone in the case, it turns off and the right one continues to work. And if you remove the right-both are disconnected. A similar problem faced by most owners of Xiaomi Mi AirDots airdots. The reason for this is that the left earphone "loses" right.

Then clamp both Xiaomi Mi AirDots secfirst they turn on white indicatorthen, after seconds, they glow a red-white indicator and blink two times, continue to hold until they blink a couple of times and fade for a few seconds, Then a few more times flicker, then the settings will reset and then remove the case. Everything is ready, remove them in the case, get both, left earphone will start to look for the right earphone, synchronized with him, then you can connect to the phone.

Yes, Xiaomi Mi AirDots can work individually. If the left flashes fast then it looks for the right earphone.

If the blinking is slow, it is ready to connect. In the Xiaomi airdots the main earphone is the right. X96 X96Q Android Country-based mobile phone network frequency bands coverage guide. How to check the actual signal strength on YOUR phone. Prev article: How to solve Xiaomi AirDots pairing problems?

Next article: How to use Huawei watch GT? Due to the attractive price and good quality, Xiaomi AirDots headphones attracted a lot of attention and created considerable excitement. They have been waiting for a long time not only fans of Xiaomi, but also adherents of Apple products-and suddenly got better than AirPods?

In this tutorial, we'll look at their functions in detail. How to connect Xiaomi Mi AirDots? Can Xiaomi Mi AirDots work separately? What is the reason for flashing indicators?

If the blinking is slow, it is ready to connect 4.

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